Friday, August 14, 2009

Eliminate Outsourcing

The unemployment rate rose to 8.9% in April 2009 according to the following web link:

You can also compare these statistic with the US Dept. of Labor web link:

I have an optimistic outlook that the American economy will get better, hopefully within the twelve months.

I have one idea that I think might help improve the American economy situation. I would be thrilled to also receive your ideas an construction input! Feel free to post your ideas and please include references.

My idea to improve the American economy centers on the topic of job outsourcing to foreign countries. I think that we should seek legislative action that would make job outsourcing to foreign countries much more difficult. Although outsourcing customer service,technical support, computer programming and other jobs to India, Philippines, Canada, and other countries increase profits for companies and their executives, it also eliminates jobs from the American people.

We must find a way to keep jobs in America! Would it be a good idea to seek legislative action that would make job outsourcing more difficult?

What input can you provide regarding job outsourcing?

Mr. Fuller